How to help your distributors and retailers

Once we have noticed that quality of Internet-marketing drastically decreases sliding down the distribution chain.

So, the producers and manufacturers have enough resources and expertise to be professionally presented in Internet, to market and sell. They also not only created powerful presences in the Internet and Facebook, but also actually had the resources for actual continous Internet-marketing.

The distributors were mostly not so lucky, often lacking not only a simple web-site, but also using an e-mail from a free e-mail hosting. However, sometimes they managed to create own web shop. As one of our partners described that, "this was a costly and painful experience". But little distrubutors had time and resources to continously improve their presences and sustain marketing activities.

Are your distributors left behind the goodies of e-commerce?

The retailers sometimes posess one or another art of a simple Internet shop, but rarely have their investitions back, because their web shops "are not performing well".

We at Yostoro created a service that should help to improve this situation.

If you want to improve sales accross your distribution network, just create a design tempalte that you can clone offering your customers a ready-made, branded web stores just per mouse click.

Posted by Admin at 26.08.2015 in Business, Design, Marketing