About Yostoro
Yostoro is a set of hosted applications for e-commerce and e-marketing

All the applications share the same administrative backend account and product database. You can manage, what products are visible via what application. Art of application define, where you want your products to be visible.

B2C e-commerce web store application

You can create one or multiple e-commerce stores per account using Yostoro. These can be just a copy of same store separated by language. For example, you can create a my-fashion-brand.com site in English, and then create a my-fashion-brand.de in German. Both sites will share same site template, product categories and products, but each will represent information in a different language, thus targeting for a specific market.

But you can also create e-commerce stores for your customers or distributors. Each store will have its own domain name, prices, content and languages.

But all the sites will share same branded HTML template (including images). You will control how the template will look like. Changing a header image in the template will cause all the stores immediately change, giving you immediate control over globl visibility of your brand.

B2C e-commerce store social network application

You can also have your products represented in a social network application, bringing your products nearer to your potential customers. Facebook is supported by default, you can order us to have a version for almost any social network of your choice.

Wholesaler's and brand owners' web site application

Same as with the B2B e-commerce applications, it is possible to create similar web presences for wholesalers and brand owners. The difference will be absonce of product prices shown, as well as other conversion possibilities (wholesale enquiry contact form instead of a B2C order.)

iOS and Andoid apps

Another platform to give your products visibility are branded applications for Google Play or Apple iTunes Application Store.

As a summary, Yostoro helps you get your products visible for your potential customers. These customers might them become your real customers. Depending on your target market, there are several ways for them to do so.

Backend applications

Aside from representing your products, Yostoro offers you some possibilites to make your copmany's life easier using applications that are visible only to you as a Yostoro user.

- Orders and contracts management
- Recurrent automatic invoicing
- Business E-mail