Marketing and e-commerce for wholesalers

Multiple, international

Manage multiple international e-shops from one account

Help your distributors

Open e-shops for yout agents and distributors just per mouse click

Wholesale leads generation

Generate wholesale leads from web and social networks

E-commerce ecosystem for your distribution network

What is e-commerce situation of your agents and distributors?

Are they struggling in the area where they do not have enough resources or expertise?

Create branded web shops for your agents and distributors just per mouse click.

After your branded e-commerce template is created, opening a new web shop for your agents and distributors as easy as a mouse click.

You give your partners full freedom of the content, prices, and some presentation control, while keeping full control over overal web store representation.

Facebook product galleries for leads generation

Create your products' galleries on Facebook pages for you and your distributors. Use Facebook's efficient advertizing to attract potential wholesale customers.

Got wholesale enquiry? Check it against fraud: our fraud-detection system reports the original country the enquiry was really sent from.

Facebook shops for agents, distributors, retailers

Clone of existing Yostoro-based web shop, containging same products: zero support effort.

For any web shop: as additional promo possibilities, with various product data export features.

Create e-commerce stores on Facebook pages -- for you and your partners.
Fast, simple, powerful.